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February 28, 2018
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February 28, 2018

Neck Pain/Low Back Pain

What are the causes of Neck/Low back pain?

Neck and lower back pain is a common health issue. Neck pain can be caused by some conditions including pinched nerve, herniated disc, whiplash, neck injury, neck strains and degenerative disc disease. It can also come from rare infections of neck and spine bones in neck and meningitis. Neck pain occurs in the area of cervical vertebrae in your neck. Due to this location and its range of motion it is often left unprotected and prone to injuries. Exact causes of neck and low back pain are difficult to determine. Causes of low back pain include heavy or repetitive lifting, improper posture, strenuous activity, injury, trauma, fractures, degeneration of vertebrae, obesity, poor muscle tone, muscle or ligament tears arthritis, pinched nerve, protruding disc, osteoporosis, abdominal problems and congenital abnormalities of bones and vertebrae.

What are the symptoms of Neck/Back pain?

Neck pain is also associated with lymph node swelling, dizziness, swishing sounds in head, pulsations, difficulty swallowing, sharp shooting pain, tenderness, tingling and numbness. Mostly neck pain is accompanied by low back pain. Back pain can range from mild, annoying ache to severe, persistent disabling pain. Back pain can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning of life. Neck and back pain can be acute. It comes suddenly and intensely. Symptoms associated with low back pain are sharp or burning pain in your back. This pain can be confined to a single spot or large area, tingling or numbness below or above the knee.

What are the treatments for Neck/Back pain?

Neck pain treatment options include analgesic muscle relaxants, topical pain relief patches, topical anesthetic creams, cortisone injections, physical therapy, soft collar traction, heat or cold applications, rest and surgical procedures. Treatment options depend on the particular problems. Back pain treatments include hot or cold packs, specific exercise to ease pain and strengthen the muscles, aerobic exercises, anti inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, acupuncture nerve block to decrease the pain signals, pain relief injections, and corsets for extra support.

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