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DOT/CDL Physicals

What are DOT/CDL Physicals?

DOT physical examination must be performed by a licensed medical examiner certified by FMCSA. During the CDL training program learner drivers undergo a DOT physical examination by an approved medical examiner. DOT means Department Of Transportation. DOT physical is required to receive or renew your CDL i.e. Commercial Driver’s License. DOT requires all student drivers to clear a comprehensive physical exam in order to qualify and get a CDL. It ensures that you are physically and medically fit to drive a commercial vehicle without any risk.

What kind of examination is performed during DOT/CDL Physicals?

Doctor reviews your medical history and asks you about the medications that you are taking regularly. During the DOT Physicals the doctor checks your overall health as well as neurological condition and checks for hernia. Doctor examines your lungs, spine, blood pressure, heart, vision and eyes, pulse rate, mouth, throat, ears, urinalysis, extremities, abdomen and viscera.

What are the DOT/CDL restrictions?

There are some constraints for drivers who are suffering with assertive health issues for example a driver who is taking injectable insulin for diabetes can’t get a commercial Driver License. Driver must have at least 50% correct vision in both eyes. DOT allows you to wear glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision. You can’t use amphetamines, narcotics or other addiction drugs if you want to get or renew your Commercial Driver License.

What is required to bring for a DOT physical?

All drivers must bring the entire list of their medications along with the doses and doctor’s details. Drivers need to fill a health history questionnaire. Drivers with hearing or vision problems need to bring their hearing and contact aids. Drivers giving diabetes should bring their recent lab results. Drivers with cardio problems should bring the written document from their cardiologist to ensure that they are safe to work.

What does the DOT/CDL physical consist of?

Driver’s current physical and mental health state is taken into account by certified medical professionals. These medical professionals complete an exam to conclude the fitness levels of drivers for work. It also includes checking of alcohol and drug components in driver during the exam.

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