Sports Physicals


What are the sports physical?

Sports physical is also known as pre-participant physical examination. A sports physical means examination to insure that is it safe for you to participate in assertive sport or not. The physician reviews your preexisting injuries and appraises your current fitness levels. If the physician diagnoses any medical condition that may put you at risk, further tests are administered to insure your safety. Mostly kids and teens have a sports physical before they start a new competitive season or new sport.

What are the areas of focus during Sports Physical of a participant?

  • Heart health
  • Bone and muscle health, strength and flexibility
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision and hearing
  • Height and weight

Why sports physicals are necessary?

Most children when they participate in sports they are fully focused on the game. Many schools conduct sports physicals for the safety of athletes. Sports physicals help reduces the risk of sports related injuries. Participants should undergo sports physicals before they start competing so that they can train and compete safely. Sports physicals are designed to detect high risk conditions that might impact the athlete’s capability to play.

What are the goals and objectives of sports physicals?

  • Athlete’s level of physical maturity
  • To identify the condition that may increase the risk of sports related injuries
  • Determine the existing injuries
  • Evaluate the current fitness level of athlete
  • Detect congenital deviations and poor pre-participation conditions that may increase the risk of injuries
  • Evaluate the developmental maturation of athlete

Who conducts sports physicals?

Your personal doctor may perform the examination. In some schools the sports authorities call the doctors to conduct sports physicals for sports students. In some cases athletic trainers or physician’s assistant assist with pre-participation physical examinations. Sports physicals performed by personal doctor of athletes are most likely to complete examinations while examinations offered by some schools are more limited.